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The idea of an outdoor lifestyle has been an Aussie tradition for generations, so you probably want your patios to pop with colour, style and décor when planning them. Some people like the idea of continuing the same colour of paint as the house walls, while others want to create a personalised space based on the effect they want to achieve. This guide equips you with colour schemes to help uplift the appearance of your alfresco space.

Earthen Tones To Realise Relaxing Appeal

When it boils down to choosing your patio colour scheme, earthen tones like tans, browns, rusts, greens and greys emulate the natural colours of natural elements like mud, moss, rocks and trees. This allows you to conjure up feelings of nature to infuse rustic appeal into your patio. Earthen tones are soothing to the eye, so choose warm shades if you're looking for a relaxing time in your patio. Earthen colour tones work perfectly with wooden, bamboo or metal furniture on your patio.

Neutral Tones For Creating Subtle Charm

Neutral shades in patios are ideal for infusing a sense of subtle charm without letting the space look completely dull or drab. The best part of choosing neutral colour tones like beige, off-white, taupe, ivory, cream and pale yellow is that you can easily merge with your current patio décor. Cool neutral tones like soft greys and pale blues go well when you have lighter furniture. Warm neutral tones like creams and beiges go well when you have darker furniture. This is because both ideas create a contrasting effect for a more appealing finish without coming across as too loud or bright. Neutral colours are cosy and invoke a sense of quiet recreation when they are introduced to patios.

Bold Tones For Infusing Bright Drama

Bold colours are perfect for homeowners that want to make a dramatic statement with their outdoor patios. So if you fall into this category, then bold shades of reds, blues, greens and purples may be just up your alley. If you like cool shades, then blues and greens are packed with playful personality. If you like warm shades, then reds and oranges infuse trendiness into your patio space. You can pair these bright colours with eye-catching furniture and cheerful curtains to create an eclectic alfresco space for you and your family.

Outdoor patios are perfect for get-togethers and private relaxation, so follow these smart colour schemes to uplift the appearance of your outdoor patio. Contact a company like Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd to get started.


7 July 2016

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