4 Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Modular Lounge For Your Living Room

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​​Looking for furniture for your new home or the living room you want to remodel? Well, one of the great picks you can choose for your living room furniture is modular lounges. These have been popular in high-end luxury homes and offices for quite some time. And now, you can get the same premium seating option for your home to enjoy the following advantages:

Gives your living room a modern look

There have been lots of seating designs over the years. However, most of them have revolved around the sofa design where there is a three-seater and several other smaller seaters. The modular lounges have revisited this design and created a seating arrangement that allows for a free-flowing lounge-style seating – a very popular concept at the moment. The modular lounge seating style is without a doubt unique. It gives your home a contemporary look. The seats also promises comfort, novelty, and great resale value in the end.

Can seat lots of people

Traditional sofa seats are limited in a way. Because they are separate units, only a few people can sit in any one unit. For example, only a maximum of three people can sit on a three-seater. A modular seat changes this by joining all the seat pieces together to create one continuous seating space that can accommodate more people. In this way, modular lounges also eliminate space wastage in a house because there are no gaps left between seating areas.

Great design for sleep or napping

Modular lounges are very spacious. The seating sections are wide enough such that one or two people can easily fit on them for a quick nap or for a full night's sleep. More importantly, unlike traditional sofas, lounges are long and will allow one or more sets of users to fully stretch themselves over the seating space for a nap or when relaxing, talking, watching TV, etc. These perks further increase the comfort and use-value of the modular lounge.

Easy to extend by adding extra sections

Another great advantage of a modular lounge is that it can easily be extended to make it even longer and capable of seating more people. That's because modular lounges are like Lego pieces brought together to create one seating set. However, another seat can always be added and fixed anywhere on the set to make the lounge even larger. So if you want more seating and you have a modular lounge, just order an extra set of a two-seater, a three-seater or even a chaise lounge and add it to your current setup.

Modular lounges are available in a huge selection of options. For one, there are lots of setups to choose from, like reclining and non-reclining types. Then there are different extras such as ottoman seats and chaise lounges to add to that. The materials are also different, e.g. fabric, leather, fur, faux leather, etc. For more information, see a website such as http://www.furniturenmore.com.au.


23 September 2016

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