Modern Kitchen Design Ideas: Benefits of Installing a Kitchen Desk

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Many homeowners today are welcoming the idea of incorporating technology in home design. The office, which used to be a luxury in the well-off households, has become a necessity in many homes. If you don't have a room that can be converted into or incorporate a home office, you can consider setting up a desk in your kitchen. Read on to find out how you can set up a desk in your kitchen and some of the benefits that you can achieve from this design.

Requirements for a kitchen desk

To have a desk in your kitchen, you need to have adequate space. This is a good idea for large and open plan kitchens, especially kitchens that have an L and U-shaped design. Ideally the desk should be set up in a location far from the cooking appliances, sinks and snack areas to ensure that you don't get grease or spills on your stationery and documents.

Setting up a desk in your kitchen requires proper planning to ensure that you don't end up cluttering your kitchen instead of creating a smart working solution. For instance, you need a desk with adequate drawers for storage of all your office supplies.

Benefits of a kitchen desk

If you have children who need help with their homework in the evening, it can be difficult to juggle between helping them out and making dinner. However, with a kitchen desk, you can assist the kids with their homework as you put groceries away and prepare dinner.

Also, if your kids are often distracted by the television or phones during homework time, you can keep an eye on them as you go about your business.It can be difficult to read an email or use your computer from the bedroom or living room as you check on a pot of stew on the stove. However, if you have a kitchen desk, you can set up your laptop in the kitchen and finish your work as you wait for the food to get ready.

Reminder notes, artwork from school, bills, papers and phones can be an eyesore if they clutter your kitchen benchtops. A kitchen desk with drawers creates the space needed to store these documents and items and create an organised space. You can even install a power strip for charging phones and tablets so as to declutter the kitchen bar and benchtops.

Setting up an office desk in your kitchen can declutter your kitchen while giving you a readily available and convenient space for working. Consider incorporating it in your kitchen designs if you're remodelling for a more functional space.


21 October 2016

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