Aluminium can be used creatively to help to organise your garden

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If you are looking for an organised, contained feel in your garden, why not make aluminium a feature, in the form of edging, containers for a comprehensive herb garden and tree collars?

Aluminium edging will help to keep your garden neatly laid out

Aluminium garden edging will allow you to:

  • Demarcate foot paths or the edge of flowerbeds
  • Provide a barrier to halt erosion as soil may be washed out of garden beds
  • Prevent grass from being able to grow too close to paving stones

Aluminium garden edging is very flexible and can be formed into the shape necessary to fit where you would like to use it. This includes perfectly straight lines, sharp corners with different angles and curves. If you want to create a special feature at the edge of a flowerbed and bend the edging into a zig-zag pattern, aluminium will allow you to do this.

Aluminium cans to house a compact collection of herb plants

It is handy to have fresh herbs close to your kitchen so that they are easily accessible exactly when you need them. To construct a compact herb garden, you can make use of used aluminium cans. Choose the different herbs you need. You will require one can for each herb, unless you want to grow more than one seedling for a particular herb. Mint, for example, is a popular herb that can be used in a number of dishes and drinks, so you may find yourself using more of it than a herb like thyme. Arrange the cans with the herbs in each one in a spot not too far from your kitchen door and you will have an unusual feature in your garden.

Aluminium tubing as collars for long stemmed lollipop trees

Short lengths of aluminium tubing can be used to house the stems of ornamental lollipop trees. The roots and stem of a very young, thin-stemmed sapling should be fed through a short length of aluminium tubing. The top of the tree should be a little way above the end of the tubing. You should plant the tree in its aluminium collar in the desired spot in your garden bed. When you water the tree, you must make sure to water in and around the collar. The tree will grow up through the tubing, which will be an unusual feature in your garden, encircling the stem of the tree, which can be trained and trimmed to form the shape of a lollipop. 


31 May 2016

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