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Although many people use shade sails on their patio or decking in order to provide them with protection from the sun or from sudden summer showers.  But shade sails could also be used by your school to benefit your students.  Read on for more information.

Outdoor education

Kids have to go to school every day, regardless of whether they live in a hot region or a more temperate climate.  During warm weather, it's only natural that children want to spend time outside, and schools can capitalise on this by incorporating outdoor learning and physical exercise for their students in ways that are enjoyable and inspirational. 

However, it's also important to protect kids from the dangers of overexposure to the sun.  Too much time spent in direct sunlight can cause problems such as fatigue, dehydration, heatstroke, eye problems, skin damage, and even skin cancer.  This is where shade sails come in.

The benefits of using shade sails in schools

  1. Shade sails can provide a very high UV protection factor, allowing kids to enjoy the fresh air of an outdoor learning environment without the danger of sustaining sun damage to their skin.  
  2. The air conditioning bills for schools can be astronomical.  Shade sails could help to reduce this cost if you use them to create outdoor classrooms during the warmer months of the year.  You can buy shade sails in many different sizes, shapes, and colours, allowing you to create a bright, shady environment that can be offer users protection from the sides, as well as from above.  
  3. Shade sails can be made from fabric that contains minute holes in order to facilitate good airflow.  This allows teachers and pupils to enjoy a cooling breeze, as well as shade from the sun.
  4. Shade sails can be used to protect play areas, so that kids can enjoy playtimes outdoors, without fear of succumbing to the effects of sunstroke or sunburn.  
  5. Shade sails can be used to create cool alfresco dining areas for pupils and teachers.  
  6. Air conditioning systems and stuffy classrooms can help to spread colds and viruses.  Working outside in fresh air can be much better for kids' health, meaning better attendance rates and exam results.

In conclusion

You can use shade sails to enhance and improve your students' summer learning experience in your school by following the above tips.  In the wintertime, simply take down the shade sails and store them until the weather improves.


11 May 2016

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