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If you have an outdoor living space, undoubtedly there have been moments when sun is too high to comfortably enjoy sitting on your deck, patio or verandah. However, this should not deter you from making the most of this living area, especially during the warm summer months when entertaining guests outdoors can be a great pastime. To make this space more comfortable, you should consider installing outdoor blinds. Here are some ideas that you could consider that would enhance the curb appeal of any type of residence.

Outdoor café blinds

These blinds are a great option is you would like to maximize on your views of your property. They function to protect your outdoor living space from the elements yet still provide you with unobstructed views.

Outdoor shade blinds

These types of blinds closely resemble shade sails. They are best suited for homeowners who are looking to block out ultraviolet rays from the sun and do not mind having the blinds obstruct their views. Outdoor shade blinds tend to be quite heavy, so you would be best advised to automate their operation. This makes it easier for your to raise and lower shade blinds in accordance to your needs, rather than having to choose between either closing or opening them fully.

Outdoor-hinged shutters

If you are looking to make your outdoor living space private, outdoor hinged shutters would be a great option to consider. These blinds are made up of horizontal slats, which you could open at varying degrees. This gives you the flexibility to let in natural light into your outdoor living space, but still keep prying eyes from seeing into the patio or deck. Outdoor-hinged shutters are typically made from wood and are also a great way of protecting your outdoor living space from the elements when they are completely shut.

Outdoor awning shutter blinds

These types of outdoor blinds are a cross between shutters and awnings. Rather than hang vertically as shutters do, they are installed diagonally. Some of them come adjustable like awnings. This gives you the freedom to adjust them in accordance to the amount of light you would like filtering into your outdoor living space without having to deal with a solid barrier between the windows and the outdoors. It should be noted that, when purchasing outdoor awning shutters, you would have to specify whether you would want to have them fixed or adjustable. The fixed variety will not enable you to open and close them as you wish in an attempt to control the natural light in your outdoor living space. 


11 May 2016

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