Don't Settle for a Dull Staircase at Your Home!

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If your home has an open staircase in a foyer or other very prominent area of the house, it may be more important to the interior style and appearance than you realize. The staircase can be one of the first things a guest sees when they arrive and may set the entire look of the home. If you need to replace the railings and balusters of the staircase, you may be tempted to choose the cheapest option available for the material and design, but this can be your opportunity to add some real style to the home. Consider a few suggestions for when you need to install new railings and balusters for any reason.

1. Thick timber beams

For a very rustic look to your home, use thick timber beams. These can be very weathered and then sanded to be smooth. They can add a natural element to the home and work perfectly for cabins, lake houses, or anywhere that calls for a simple look with lots of visual impact.

2. Branches

If timber beams are too thick and take up too much space but you still like the look of natural wood, try branches. Natural branches that have been sanded can give your staircase a simple style while the curve of the wood keeps the staircase from looking dull or manufactured.

3. Pipes

For a modern, industrial look, you might choose simple metal or PVC pipes as railings and balusters. You can run the pipes horizontally for a clean look or to really make a visual statement, add pipes vertically. This can work as a type of wall that blocks off the staircase while still reflecting light so that the area doesn't seem dull and dim.

4. Shelving

If you have space to accommodate deep balusters, create shelving underneath the stair railing. Rather than running wide pieces of wood at the same angle as the staircase, use different widths of wood and keep the pieces level so you can actually add decorative items, books, and the like. 

5. Metal panels

For a very modern look, opt for metal panels under the stair railings. You can choose copper or tin for a very traditional look, or just simple stainless steel. Metal can be powder-coated any color and can also be stamped into any design for even more visual interest. You can also use plain solid panels for a more clean look that keeps your staircase simple but still stunning.


30 December 2015

Improve your Bathroom

Hello. My name is Tina and this is my home improvement blog. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. My mother used to always say that you could discover a lot about a person by how clean their bathroom was. Because of this advice, I have always been very worried about the state of my bathroom. Last year, I was convinced that the bathroom was too old and grubby so I contacted a team of contractors who came out to work on it. They re-tiled the place and installed a new sink and splashback. I really love me new bathroom and I hope you like my new blog.