Kitchen Blinds | 3 Colour Ideas When Choosing Blinds For Olive Green Kitchens

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When deciding the colour of blinds for your olive green kitchen, you're going to have to consider several factors. Are you looking for a cohesive theme or are you looking for something that stands out dramatically? What materials offer colour flexibility?  Typically, PVC, synthetic and faux wood materials have the most versatility because they can withstand high kitchen temperatures and come in a variety of colours. Here are some colour ideas when choosing blinds for your olive green kitchen.

Choosing Matching Colours For A Blending Effect In Your Kitchen

If you want your blinds to blend into your olive green kitchen theme, you'll want to choose a colour in the exact same shade. You can also choose a few shades darker or lighter to blend in with your kitchen décor for a homogenous finish. The idea for choosing matching colours is to create a seamless and continuous flow throughout your kitchen, giving it the impression of space without any décor disruptions.

Let Complementary Colours Give Your Kitchen A Sense of Personality

Complementary colours when combined together create a white or black finish. They are generally set opposite each other on the basic colour wheel for creating a colour scheme. For your olive green kitchen, complementary colours would either be red or purple to give your cooking space a sense of character and personality. These opposing colours will provide stability and distinction against the olive green setting of your kitchen. For your blinds, you can choose different shades of red and purple to complement your olive green walls perfectly.

Add Bright Contrasting Colours For Enhanced Dramatic Appeal In Your Kitchen

If you enjoy the idea of introducing unique and bright blinds to your kitchen, you don't have to follow any specific colour theory. In fact, you can choose all types of bright oranges, fiery yellows and royal blues for your kitchen blinds to offset your olive green decorative theme. These colours will add dramatic appeal to your kitchen, while giving the entire space colourful enrichment. Bright contrasting colours can also uplift your mood easily, giving you a sense of perkiness as you work in your kitchen. The best part of choosing contrasting colours is the flexibility you get in terms of colour and shade choices, allowing you to exploit your creativity when choosing window blind treatments.

Choosing colours for your kitchen blinds can transform the look of your cooking space entirely –– use these guidelines when planning blind colours for your olive green themed kitchen.


29 October 2015

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