The Pros and Cons of Split System ACs

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A split system air conditioning system refers to an AC system that contains two parts (an external part and an indoor part) that can cool a given space when it is hot then reverse direction and heat that space when temperatures drop. This article discusses the key benefits and shortcomings of this system. Use this information to make an informed decision when you are selecting an air conditioning system from a company like ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse to install in your home.

The Pros

They are ideal for retrofit situations. Split system air conditioners are the best option if you are retrofitting an AC in your home that did not have any ducts installed for that purpose. This is because split systems do not require ducts to circulate conditioned air to a room or living space. All they need are tubes to connect the external unit to the internal unit.

They create fewer opportunities for installation errors. Split system air conditioning systems are a dream come true for the DIY enthusiast. This is because the system comes as a complete unit that does not require any complex configurations to make it work. All you have to do is to ensure that the unit is correctly sized for the space you want to condition and the set up process takes a few minutes.

They are affordable to maintain. Split system air conditioners are affordable because each unit comes with its own controls so you can condition the air in the room you are using while keeping the units in other rooms off. This contrasts with ducted systems that condition the air in rooms that aren't occupied since you can't turn it off in those rooms.

The Cons

They may be visually unappealing. The indoor part of the split system AC is placed within the room being conditioned and that can present an eyesore to the occupants of the room. This may be particularly true when the unit gets older and loses its original shiny appearance.

They create air turbulence. Split systems cannot balance the outgoing air with the incoming air because they do not have a return path. Consequently, drafts may form resulting in uneven temperature in different parts of the room. For instance, the sections furthest from the unit may be warmer than places close to the system.

As you can see, there are two sides to the performance of split system air conditioning units. Use the information above to compare this system to other systems that you have researched so that you choose what will work for you.


17 September 2015

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