How Using Kitchen Cabinets Can Help Increase Home Safety

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Kitchen cabinets are a common feature in most modern homes. Even though many homeowners install kitchen cabinets for storage purposes, these cabinets can serve as useful safety features in your home as well. As the following points will explain, fitting kitchen cabinets in your home is a great way to improve the safety of your home.

Creating more floor space for easy mobility in the kitchen

It is very important to have sufficient floor space to easily move around every time you are using the kitchen area. A slight fall on the kitchen floor can turn out be life-threatening! Mounting cabinets on your kitchen walls is a creative way to add more space and reduce the volume of traffic on the floor space.

Things that would otherwise linger around the kitchen floors in a disorganised manner will be safely kept compactly in the wall-mounted cabinets to prevent the risk of bodily injuries associated with accidents such as slipping or tripping.

Keeping away dangerous kitchen objects safely

The average kitchen contains a number of dangerous sharp tools, such as knives and forks, that can cut and harm people, especially children, if not kept away properly. Installing kitchen cabinets that have lockable drawers can help minimise the risk associated with having hazardous kitchen items recklessly lying around open areas such as kitchen countertops once they are cleaned.

Fireproofing capabilities

Fire accidents are not uncommon in kitchen areas, but you don't have to lose everything when such emergencies arise. Protect some of your property from damage by installing fire resistant cabinets, which have fireproofing properties in case of a fire.

These cabinets are made of a combination of materials designed to withstand high temperatures. For instance, wood kitchen cabinets may be treated with fireproofing ammonium phosphates to slow burning and reduce the tendency of fire to spread fast so that the fire can be extinguished before causing any extensive damage.

Best place to store your first aid kit

Since it is virtually impossible to avoid all types of kitchen accidents even with all the necessary preventive measures put in place, it is vital to take remedial measures as well. For example, it is a prudent move to have a first aid kit in your kitchen to treat minor injuries, and you'll find a kitchen cabinet to be suitable for storing such things as ointments for minor burns and disinfectants and Elastoplast to treat and seal minor cuts from infections. 

Keeping all of these benefits in mind, contact a local cabinet maker, such as those at Cabinetry Solutions, for more information and options to install your cabinets today. 


26 August 2015

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