Storing Possessions During a Move: Tips for Success

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For a number of reasons, many people have to put things in storage when they move. If you are in the midst of a move and planning to put some things in storage, there are a range of tips that can help you navigate the experience successfully.

1. Purge first

Moving is the ideal time to de-clutter your possessions. Rather than storing boxes of stuff that you won't want when you retrieve your possessions in three or six months, get rid of everything you haven't used in a while or that doesn't feel extremely important to you. You are paying money to store these items, and if they have no value, you should get rid of them.

2. Start early

Do not delay putting your extra stuff in storage. Moving can be hard and stressful, and you certainly don't want to be packing the moving truck the same day that you are ushering boxes into your storage unit. Instead, start purging and packing the stuff you intend to store about one to two months before your move.

If you like, you don't have to put these items straight in storage. Instead, you can dedicate a corner of your home to these items, and then, you can move them to the storage unit right before your move.

3. Opt for a mobile storage unit

There are a range of types of storage units. You can rent small lockers or large garages, but you can also hire mobile units. These storage lockers, units or pods can be dropped off at your home, and you can simply load them as you pack.

When they are full, you have them picked up and taken to the storage facility, but when you are ready to take them to your new home, you can just have them delivered. There is no need to worry about accessing a storage unit in a different town or area.

4. Label everything

In many cases, you will end up accessing your stuff while it is in storage. So that this process does not become frustrating and drawn out, you should label everything you put in storage. More importantly, make a map and tape it inside your storage area. That way, you will immediately know that your good china is in the right corner at the bottom of the pile of boxes, or that your winter clothing is in the left corner.

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14 August 2015

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