Secure Your Carport With These Five Essential Products

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Carports, through a place like Lifestyle Patios, offer convenience and a shady place to store your vehicle. but unfortunately, their open-sided style is not the most secure. Luckily, there are ways to boost the security of your carport. These five essential products will keep your gear safe:

1. Car Alarm

Everyone knows they need to set the alarm on their cars, but if your car doesn't have one, consider adding it. A simple car alarm reduces the risk that your car will be stolen by 20 percent. As an added bonus, you may get a discount from your car insurer that offsets the price of buying and installing the alarm.

2. Industrial Chain and Padlock

If you store other items in your carport, don't hesitate to lock those items up as well and make sure the locks and chains you choose are strong enough to withstand bolt cutters. Run the chain through the push bar of your lawn mower, spokes of your bicycle wheels and handles of your power tools.

However, keep in mind that an eager thief may just lift up this stuff, take it all together and deal with the chain once they get home. To prevent that, cement a short post with a metal ring on its top into the ground of your carport, and run one portion of your chain through that.

3. Locked Cabinet

If you have items that are too small to lock together with a chain, invest in a cabinet that can be locked. This small carport shelf can protect virtually anything. To ensure it doesn't get taken, bolt it to the side of your house next to the carport.

4. Motion-Activated Light

If you want to stop thieves before they even get inside your carport, install a motion-activated light. Once that bathes an approaching thief in light, they will likely turn the other way and run. If you don't have power in your carport, don't worry. You can buy lights that are battery-powered.

5. Security Screens

Another option for expanding the security of your carport is making it less open. You can enclose the sides of your carport by building walls, or you can hang security screens around the perimeter of the carport for an easier solution.

Security screen is thick metal screen that cannot be easily cut. However, keep in mind if you have it hanging over the entrance of the carport, you will need to get out of your car and push the hanging screen to the side so that you can drive your car in and out.



31 July 2015

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