Bathroom Renovations | 3-Point Checklist To Plan For a Successful Bathroom Overhaul

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Bathroom renovations are exciting affairs, but at an average cost ranging from $15,500 to $16,000, you'll want to get it just right the first time without leaving any wiggle room for errors. Before choosing the latest tiles or selecting your bathtub, some less thrilling, but equally important factors must be considered for your bathroom project to come to life just the way you desire.

To make your bathroom renovations project less stressful and overwhelming, follow this 3-point genius checklist to help you plan a successful overhaul:

Plan Changes by Sequence

To make bathroom renovations work, you certainly can't do everything at once. It helps to break down your renovation plan into sequences to prevent making a lot of mistakes and spending too much time cleaning up. For an ideal renovation sequence, you'll want to start at the top of the room and work your way downward.

Modify your ceiling first, then move on to your walls and finally work on your floors. This will help prevent unnecessary damage to the new components in your bathroom and brings order to the renovation process.

Form and Function Must Work Together

When planning bathroom renovations, start out by deciding the specific look you want − this involves paint colour, shower screens, tile designs, tubs, vanities and faucets for the bathroom. With a bevy of choices available, you'll want to make your decisions by piecing each element that you like into the final design of your bathroom.

You can even choose one design item that you want to feature (like your bathtub) and plan the rest of the bathroom around it. Keep in mind that form and function must work together, so consider every functional aspect of your bathroom along with design.

For example, a heightened bathtub may look elegant, but it may not be possible for your ageing parents to use. You'll want to infuse practical function with aesthetic appeal for every bathroom element.

Update Existing Features

Bathroom renovations vary dramatically from household to household, but every remodel plan should include repairing or updating existing features like the toilet, faucets, shower, showerheads, mirrors, sink and pipes. You certainly don't want the look of your brand new tiles to be ruined by a timeworn toilet seat or a rusting showerhead, do you? You can also radically upscale the look of your new bathroom by updating existing door handles and drawer pulls to ensure they complement the décor.

Bathroom renovations require careful thought and consideration − these checkpoints are designed to help you put your best foot forward during the planning phase.



6 July 2015

Improve your Bathroom

Hello. My name is Tina and this is my home improvement blog. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. My mother used to always say that you could discover a lot about a person by how clean their bathroom was. Because of this advice, I have always been very worried about the state of my bathroom. Last year, I was convinced that the bathroom was too old and grubby so I contacted a team of contractors who came out to work on it. They re-tiled the place and installed a new sink and splashback. I really love me new bathroom and I hope you like my new blog.