Harvesting Solar Power for Commercial Needs: 3 Aspects that Affect Productivity of Solar Panels

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Rather than relying on nonrenewable resources, like fossil fuel, transitioning to solar energy can reduce the energy bills of your commercial property by 15%. Advancements in commercial solar power systems have made the transition a lot easier and smoother. If you're interested in incorporating the use of clean energy, these 3 aspects concerning the solar panels installed will affect the efficiency of energy production:

Size and Type of Solar Panels

Solar panels with a larger surface area naturally produce more energy, as there are more working components involved in the harvest. The energy production efficiency of the various sizes is highly dependent on the type of solar panels installed. The efficiency of solar cells ranges from 44.4% to 32.6% depending on who the manufacturer is. Each manufacturer produces solar panels with unique patented designs. Some designs are more efficient at harvesting solar energy than others.

Orientation of the Installation

Solar panels installed facing south produce 4% more energy than the ones that were installed facing southeast or southwest. The spike in energy production has been attributed to the amount and concentration of exposure to sunlight.

If the roof of your commercial building is pitched, the slope of the pitch also affects the energy production efficiency of the solar panels. A roof pitch of 45 degrees is most ideal. A pitch of as little as 10 to 15 degrees can result in an energy loss of 4%. Most installation companies will refuse to install solar panels on rooftops with a slope less than 10 degrees. Without a sufficient slope, debris will accumulate on the surface of the solar panels rendering them ineffective or useless.

Building Height Where the Panels are Installed

Even if the solar panels are installed to fit the ideal orientation, the solar panels cannot harvest a lot of energy if there are obstructions preventing the panels from receiving an adequate amount of sunlight. If the commercial building is relatively low, surrounding trees and buildings may end up shading the panels. Install the solar panels as high up as possible, so that they have access to = as much sunlight as possible.


If you're considering transitioning energy consumption of your commercial building over to solar energy, you must consider how effective the solar panels will be. Whether the type of environment that your commercial building offers is ideal for harvesting commercial solar power also needs to be taken into consideration. 


15 June 2015

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