Three Considerations When Buying Window Shutters

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The popularity of shutters in the home improvement market can be attributed to the functional aspects of the features. Shutters can control the degree of sunlight flowing into the house, enhance privacy and provide security against intrusion through the windows. In addition, the window furnishing enhances the visual appeal of the property. There are different types of shutters available for purchase so you may find the task of choosing the ideal product challenging. Here are the top considerations that you should make in order to identify the best shutters for your home.

Type of Material

There are different types of materials utilised to make window shutters. Your choice will determine the initial cost of purchase, the maintenance requirements and durability. Wooden shutters are widely installed in residential property because of their aesthetic appeal. You can choose products made from hardwood, softwoods and even composite material. For instance, one of the popular wood species used in the production of plantation shutters is cedar. You should also consider purchasing vinyl shutters. It is significantly cheaper than wood alternatives and it is not vulnerable to damage from moisture and UV rays. In addition, the maintenance required is minimal since the shutters will not fade. If you want the wooden look but your budget is limited, ask for faux-wood vinyl shutters from your supplier.

Interior or Exterior Shutters

Window shutters can be designed for interior or exterior installation so you should evaluate this aspect before buying the feature. Generally, it is advisable to choose interior shutters because they are more convenient to operate after installation. This design can also be used to enhance the interior design as long as there is enough window space for the new shutters to be fitted into perfectly. The exterior types are usually exposed to inclement conditions so they will be vulnerable to water damage and decay. If you choose this design, choose shutters made from hardwoods such as teak or mahogany or tough vinyl. These are suitable for your home if the interior shutters will not blend in with the wall after installation due to lack of sufficient mounting space.


There are different window shutter styles so consider all your options before making a decision. Traditional shutters consist of fixed or operable louvers which are set within a stable frame. This style promotes ventilation within the rooms as well as light control. However, if you prefer less conventional home improvement options, you can choose alternative shutter designs with solid panels, fabric or even glass instead of louvers. For more information, contact a business such as Illawarra Blinds & Awnings.


9 June 2015

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