3 Common Types of Pergola Designs

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The pergola is a versatile and beneficial outdoor structure in residential property. It is designed to add aesthetic appeal to the homestead and advance the outdoor living potential. There are different pergola styles which you can utilise when building the structure for your home. The choice will depend on your preference, the configuration of the property and financial resources. It is advisable to consult a pergola builder in the preparation stages of the project for expert information on viable choices. Here are the basic and popular pergola designs that you should consider.


Freestanding pergolas utilise the traditional independent design so they require at least four support posts. The style is suitable for creating an outdoor space which is secluded from the main house for privacy. The structure is not usually anchored on patios or decks therefore you will need sufficient space for support post holes.

Alternatively, the pergola posts can be mounted on concrete footings to provide the same stability. The primary benefit of this type of structural design is the virtual lack of limitations in terms of orientation and configuration. You can choose custom styles that differ from the conventional cube-like structure. In addition, you can build a very large pergola as long as you have sufficient outdoor space within your property.


Attached pergolas are supported by the wall of an existing structure, usually the main house. An entire side of the pergola is screwed directly to the surface using timber ledger beams. If your house is made from brick or concrete, the builder must utilise masonry anchors to minimise the risk of damaging the wall structure.

The other side of the structure is held up by columns and posts which can be anchored onto a deck or patio floor. The main advantage of the attached pergola design is the cost-effectiveness. You will purchase fewer posts with this choice and the building or installation tasks are not extensive. However, there are considerable size limitations because of they are highly dependent on the home's wall for support.


The hybrid pergola combines the features of the attached and freestanding structures. The design is not very common but the style is unique. Basically, the approach allows a freestanding pergola to be attached to the corner of the house. The ledger beam is used in pace of a single post to attach the structure to the home, allowing at least three support posts to remain independent. This design will allow you to extend the pergola space without losing the convenience of direct access.


20 May 2015

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