The Top Safety Features of a Security Door

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Are you in the market for a security door, and want to know the top features that you have to keep an eye out for? By ensuring that the security door you select has the top industry features you can have the peace of mind that nobody is going to break through your front door with ease. Here are some of the security door features that you should look out for:

  • Lock guard: the lock guard is a feature of a security door that that reduces the chances of a forced entry. It hides the jamb and all related screws so that a burglar could not gain access to it. Such a feature will be made from stainless steel, and will not rust.
  • Automatic door control: to keep the structural integrity of your security door high no matter how long you have it for it's important to use it gently. Automatic door control can help you do that because it will prevent the door from slamming shut. Therefore, when you let the door go, or there is a draft your door won't slam shut. That has the advantage of removing the annoying loud sound that accompanies the action of a door slamming shut.
  • Bearing hinges: the hinges of a door could potentially be one of its weak points. Bearing hinges are ideal because they slip over the screws, and that means they cannot be accessed by someone trying to gain entry into your home. Keeping the screws out of sight also improves the aesthetics of your door. Finally, bearing hinges allow a door to be easily lifted up out of place when you want to move furniture in and out of the house. So in effect they allow security doors to be secure, but flexible at the same time.
  • Single piece jamb: a jamb that comes in one piece is advantageous because it will not sag, and will not have any weak points where the connections are. It also looks better since there are no connections that can catch the eye on some designs.
  • Deadbolt locks: your security doors should ideally have deadbolt locks. That's because they are notoriously difficult to break, and the average burglar will simply move on once they notice that you have a deadbolt lock installed. Make sure that the deadbolt-lock is of a high grade. This typically means that no screws should be exposed and the throw bolt must be a minimum length of 2.5 cm.

For more information, contact a local security door manufacturer (such as W & S Security Doors & Screens).


23 March 2015

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