How to Avoid Scams When Hiring an Emergency Locksmith

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The services of an emergency locksmith are not confined to the normal business hours so you can call the expert at any time. The assistance is beneficial during unforeseen circumstances such as the accidental loss of keys or breaking a section of the key in the lock.

When hiring a locksmith in these desperate situations, you should be cautious when it is your first time to engage their services. Remember that there are unscrupulous people who run scams in an effort to take advantage of the distress and panic caused by a home lockout. Here are some tips on how to avoid illicit businesses that could compromise the safety and security of your property.

Research Their Reputation

It is advisable to use your regular locksmith for emergency assistance or take recommendations from people you trust. However, this is not a viable option in many cases so you will have to conduct a quick search on online forums. There are locksmith directories for specific local areas on websites of professional organisations such as Master Locksmith Associations of Australia.

Check for independent reviews on user forums with keen interest on the complaints presented and compare different local companies on community guide web pages. Though this may take some extra time, it could save you from engaging an illicit locksmith service.

Ask for Official Identification

Legitimate companies such as Nelson Locksmiths have a business name under which it is registered in official business directories. When you call, be on your guard if the response is generic as opposed to mentioning the specific company name. This is a seemingly insignificant aspect but it could indicate incompetence or dishonesty.The locksmith company should also come to your house in an officially marked vehicle.

Additionally, ask for individual identification and the official security license issued under the Security and Related Activities regulations before the technician begins the work. Experienced and professional companies will be able provide the documentation to alleviate your fears. If the locksmith is unwilling to provide you with evidence of their legitimacy or gives weak excuses, you should decline their assistance.

Get a Reasonable Quote

The charges for locksmith services are important because money is the motivating factor for scams. Make certain that you get an estimate before the technician begins to avoid disagreement. The quoted cost should include extra charges for variables such as mileage and emergency hour rates.

Moreover, ensure that you understand the scope of the work because the rates vary for different tasks. For instance, lock replacement will cost much more that getting the door simply opened.


11 March 2015

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