4 Residential & Commercial Benefits of a Retractable Awning

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It used to be the case that awnings were used mostly by businesses who included the awning as an important overall part of their commercial premises. However, retractable awnings are now very popular with private homeowners too, as the awing will bring many advantages to a home.l.

Aside from the obvious advantage of providing protection from the weather, an awning will provide a host of other, less well known benefits for homeowners and businesses alike. Take a look at some of these benefits.


An awning can be used by a business premises as an extension of their brand. Awnings can be designed to fit in with the colors and logo of a company. Indeed, the awning itself can be emblazoned with a company logo, helping to raise a business profile and allow the business to stand out from its competitors.

From a homeowner's point of view, an awning can complement and even raise the aesthetic value of a property. Regardless of the property's style, an awning can be made to enhance the overall look of the property.

No Spoiling

Many businesses would be unable to display their goods in their windows without using a retractable awning. Food stores, as well as fabric outlets, would suffer damage from the rays of the sun if they were not screened out by an awning. This allows a business to advertise their wares via a window display, ultimately attracting passing people into the store.

Privately, an awning can be used in a similar manner, to screen out the sun to prevent fading damage to certain materials, such as leather chairs or wooden patios.

No Planning Permission

In the majority of instances, installing a retractable awning onto a business or private property will not require planning permission from the local authorities. This is unlike other modifications to a premises or property, such as an extension or outbuilding.

An awning can be installed quickly after purchase; it can sometimes take several months for planning permission to come through for other property upgrades. This means you can install and start enjoying the benefits of an awning immediately.


Many modern awnings come fitted with sensors that automatically open or shut the awning, depending on the weather. This is a great feature, especially for a busy commercial premises, or a home owned by an elderly family. Sometimes, it can take quite an effort (as well as time) to fully open or close a manual awning. Automatic awnings remove this need, and will always be correctly open or retracted, depending on the current weather conditions.

Retractable awnings are a quick and relatively inexpensive way to improve the overall look and feel of a business premises or private property. Contact resources such as Blind Outlet to learn more about how awnings can enhance your property.


25 February 2015

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