7 Signs That Your Gutters Are Blocked And Need Cleaning

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Have you noticed cracks in your driveway, or moss creeping up the exterior wall of your house? Does rain water pool in the garden around the house? Having your gutters cleaned mightn't be your top priority but blocked gutters can result in serious water damage to your home, especially in times of high rainfall. Gutters packed with leaves and debris also pose an extreme fire hazard. Here are 7 signs that your gutters are blocked and need attention.

29 December 2014

How To Turn Your Old Aquarium Into A Hydroponic Garden


Do you have an old aquarium lying around that isn't being used, but you haven't gotten around to selling it or throwing it away? You can use that aquarium to create a fun hydroponic garden. Not only will you be growing healthy vegetables to eat, but also, if you have children, this is a great teaching tool. Hydroponic gardening involves using liquid instead of soil for growing plants. Starting a hydroponic garden in an aquarium is relatively easy, and you can get everything you need from a hydroponics store.

18 December 2014

Renovating an Older House? 4 Points to Remember When Sanding and Polishing Timber Floors


Hidden treasure is often lurking out of sight in old Australian properties, wide Blackbutt floorboards concealed under a mouldy old carpet, or golden Tasmanian Oak under peeling lino. It is very satisfying to release the floor's true glory by sanding and polishing it, but consider the following if this is your intention. Floorboard quality If you are thinking of buying an older property to renovate, bear in mind that looking under the carpet in the corner of just one room might not tell you the whole story.

17 December 2014

Important Tips When Buying New Motor Homes

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A motor home is a great way to travel, as you have the freedom of hitting the open road while still enjoying a few creature comforts that you wouldn't otherwise enjoy with simple tent camping. Motor home parks often offer their own planned activities as well as a pool and even a playground for the kids. Before you buy a new motor home however, you want to ensure you know as much as possible about the different kinds.

15 December 2014