Why Wood Grade Is Important When Buying Teak Furniture


Some people do not pay any attention to the grade of the teak wood used to make the furniture that they buy. This oversight leads them to miss one of the most important indicators of the quality of the furniture that they intend to purchase. This article discusses the impact of different wood grades on the quality of that teak furniture. Moisture Resistance Teak wood has three grades (A, B and C).

4 February 2016

How To Start A Pizza Container Garden


Do you love pizza? How about making your own pizza with ingredients you've grown and picked fresh? You can grow a pizza container garden on a patio, balcony or windowsill and have fresh ingredients on hand whenever a craving for pizza hits, which has got to be better than the canned sauce and stingy toppings offered at your local takeaway. Imagine making your own sauce with delicious, vine-ripened tomatoes and an assortment of fresh herbs, sweet peppers and even a few chilies if you like:

22 July 2015

3 Crucial Benefits Interstate Removalists Deliver


Feeling tense about the hassle of moving house interstate? Well, that shouldn't be a cause for alarm. Expert interstate removalists can help you move anywhere interstate almost effortlessly and stress-free. These companies can provide outstanding services to make sure that your household property is handled safely, transported securely, as well as in a way that saves you both time and money as further explained below: Safe Handling of Items Interstate removalists know that guaranteeing the safety of your valuables throughout the process of service delivery is very important.

17 April 2015

2 Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Ice Machines


When you decide to go into the retail food industry, whether it's opening a cafe, diner or restaurant, you will need to invest in commercial grade ice machines. With a dizzying number of options available, narrowing them down can be difficult, which is why these two commonly asked questions about commercial ice machines will provide you with answers you need. What Are the Most Common Ice Machine Styles? There are three ice machine styles that are most frequently used in the food industry: modular ice machines, countertop ice machines and under-the-counter ice machines.

14 January 2015

How To Turn Your Old Aquarium Into A Hydroponic Garden


Do you have an old aquarium lying around that isn't being used, but you haven't gotten around to selling it or throwing it away? You can use that aquarium to create a fun hydroponic garden. Not only will you be growing healthy vegetables to eat, but also, if you have children, this is a great teaching tool. Hydroponic gardening involves using liquid instead of soil for growing plants. Starting a hydroponic garden in an aquarium is relatively easy, and you can get everything you need from a hydroponics store.

18 December 2014

Renovating an Older House? 4 Points to Remember When Sanding and Polishing Timber Floors


Hidden treasure is often lurking out of sight in old Australian properties, wide Blackbutt floorboards concealed under a mouldy old carpet, or golden Tasmanian Oak under peeling lino. It is very satisfying to release the floor's true glory by sanding and polishing it, but consider the following if this is your intention. Floorboard quality If you are thinking of buying an older property to renovate, bear in mind that looking under the carpet in the corner of just one room might not tell you the whole story.

17 December 2014