5 Must-Know Tips for Painting Staircases

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A painted staircase can be a bold and beautiful design choice for a contemporary home. Whether you choose to paint your stairs in a single bold colour, use two contrasting colours for the rises and treads, or paint a pattern onto your staircase, you can revitalise your interior space. Follow these tips to paint your staircase with minimal disruption to daily life in your household.

1. Use Non-Slip Paint

A slippery staircase is a serious safety hazard. Protect everyone in your household by choosing a slip-resistant paint for your project. This kind of paint contains an additive that increases friction between the surface and your foot, allowing you to ascend and descend the staircase safely.

2. Sand Your Stairs

You must prepare a wooden staircase for painting by lightly sanding every surface with an electric sander. Sanding creates a fresh surface that the paint can stick to easily. After sanding your stairs, wipe them with a damp cloth to remove tiny traces of sawdust.

3. Use Tape to Protect Walls and Handrails

During any painting project, there is a chance of stray brush strokes marking walls or other surfaces that you weren't planning to paint. Protect walls or handrails by applying tape to the edges that adjoin the staircase before you begin painting.

4. Paint Stairs in Stages

You might wonder how you will manage to avoid using your staircase while the paint is wet. One solution to this problem is to paint the stairs in stages: during your first painting session, paint all the risers and every other tread, so you can continue to walk up and down the unpainted treads while waiting for the paint to dry. Later, you can return to the staircase and paint the remaining treads. If you're repainting the stairs in their existing colour, mark the dry treads with tape so you know which ones are safe to step on.

5. Use the Right Painting Tool

A large bristle brush is the right tool for painting wooden stairs. Use this kind of brush to apply paint in long, smooth strokes that follow the direction of the wood grain. If you need to paint concrete stairs, a roller can give a good, even finish and allow you to complete the job quickly.

Painting a staircase isn't difficult, but you need the right tools and materials. Gather together non-slip paint, protective tape and a suitable brush or roller to help you successfully complete this interesting painting project.


28 June 2016

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