Budget-Friendly Kitchen Ideas to Discuss With Your Designer

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Working with a kitchen designer and creating the kitchen of your dreams doesn't need to mean overspending or breaking the bank; there are many budget-friendly ideas that can work well for any kitchen of any size, and no matter your needs and style. Note a few budget-friendly kitchen ideas you might discuss with your designer when you're ready to renovate or even completely remodel your kitchen. 

1. Laminate flooring

You may love the look of real wood in your kitchen, and laminate flooring can give you that look for far less money. The key to finding laminate flooring that resembles real wood is to choose styles with wider planks and to mix up the faux grain pattern. The grain of real wood pieces isn't always uniform but it may curve in different directions and be darker or lighter, even in the same species of wood. Carefully select your laminate flooring planks with varying grain patterns and wider widths for the look of real wood floors.

2. Oversize the accessories

You might choose plain white cabinets with no inlay or decoration on the front in order to save money--oversize the accessories for more eye-catching appeal. Choose large handles and decorative hinges that show, versus tiny knobs and hidden hinges. This will make your kitchen look decorated and finished and give it a unique look for far less money than fancy cabinets.

3. Open up the shelves

If new cabinets are too expensive for your kitchen, save some money by using open shelving in a few areas. You can paint and stain even wood scraps to match your kitchen's other cabinets, then stack your dishes and items carefully for a neat and organized look. The kitchen can even seem bigger when you use open shelving, and you save money on the cost of at least a few new cabinets for the space.

4. Paint the appliances

If your refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher seem dull and drab, you might actually be able to simply repaint them rather than replace them. Appliance paint is meant to work with the metal used for appliances and this can give them a fresh new look. It might take a few days to move your appliances to the garage where you have room to work and then ensure the appliances have enough coats of paint and time to dry to be reusable again, however, painting these can be far less money than investing in all new pieces for your renovated kitchen.


18 March 2016

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