Faded Deck? 4 Steps To Stain Your Faded Timber Decking

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You probably love spending time on your wooden patio deck, but harsh sunlight and extreme weather can cause its natural beauty to fade and discolour over time. Giving timber decking a new stain coat is perhaps the easiest way to preserve the wood and keep it looking refreshed. This guide is designed to help you get the job done efficiently.

Prepare The Surface With A Thorough Cleaning 

Your first step is to clean the surface of your timber decking to make sure that it is properly sanded and cleaned. Cover the corners between the timber decking and the wall with masking tape to prevent the stain from spilling onto the walls. Wash the deck using a garden hose or pressure washer and scrub away all dirt with a brush and warm soap water. Rinse the surface and let it dry after you finish cleaning it.

Sand The Surface For Better Stain Adherence

Before the process of staining, use medium-grade sandpaper to lightly sand the your timber deck. This will ensure better stain adherence when you apply it. Always use medium-grit sandpaper because it will offer optimum coarseness. Using coarse sandpaper may cause unnecessary dents and gouges on the wood surface.

Stain The Deck Using A Paint Brush Or Paint Roller

Timber stains are easily available at most home improvement stores, so you can choose a specific finish based on your personal taste and overall patio appearance. Stir the stain well before use for an even pigment fusion and consistent finish. Use a paintbrush and start by staining the edges and corners of the deck. The trick is to follow long brush strokes, so you have a consistent non-streaky appearance. You can also use a paint roller for applying the stain if you think that a paintbrush will leave streak marks on your deck. Always end at an open area, so you don't end up blocked in a corner.

Allow The Stain To Dry Before Using The Deck

Different manufacturers will have different stain drying times for timber decking, so be sure to follow the recommended instructions for drying before using your deck once again. You should ideally choose a dry and sunny day for this task because that will expedite the drying process. Typically, the stain will dry overnight, so you should be able to use your deck the next day.

Faded timber decks will bring down the look of your entire home. Follow these easy steps for attentively applying stain to your timber decking to give it a refreshed appearance.


1 March 2016

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