What You Need to Know About Weed Trimmers

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With Australia's beautiful summers, you no doubt like to spend as much time in your garden during the summer months as possible. But for that garden time to be as enjoyable as possible, you need to have the basics of garden maintenance down. For anybody with lawns and hedges, weed trimmers, also known as string trimmers, are a very useful piece of garden equipment. Here's what you need to know.

What can you do with a weed trimmer?

If you've ever experienced frustration because your lawn mower can't get to the edges and corner of a lawn and take out unruly grass and weeds with success, this is where the weed trimmer steps up and performs really well. As well as getting into those difficult to reach areas with great success, weed trimmers can be used in other ways in your garden.

If you want to give a path or driveway a sharp edge, weed trimmers can be used for this. Turn the machine to a 90 degree angle and you'll be able to create a straight edge along your path.

When you find that you have a build-up of fallen autumn leaves and you are eager for them to break down so they can be returned to the soil, your weed trimmer can also be used to turn your leaves to mulch. Just hold the weed trimmer still against the leaves for a few seconds until they are broken down.

And because weed trimmers are light pieces of equipment, you can also elevate them to trim excess leaves and branches from small bushes so they look in better shape for the summer.

Gas or electric weed trimmers?

Weed trimmers can be purchased as both gas and electric models, and each type has its pros and cons. Of course, with an electric model, you don't have to deal with buying gas, filling the weed trimmer's tank, and dealing with the mess that can involve. The electric models are also better for the environment because you won't be giving off any toxic fumes as you would with a gas weed trimmer. They are, however, a little harder to manoeuvre because of the cord extension. Electric weed trimmers are better for smaller lawns, driveways, and patches of grass so you can be sure that the cord can reach everywhere you need it to, but with a gas model you can navigate your way around a much larger lawn without any problems.

You might also consider purchasing a visor along with your weed trimmer because the machine can send sprays of weeds and grass flying, which can be dangerous. Happy gardening!


13 January 2016

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