The Hottest Trends in Bathroom Supplies to Discuss with Your Contractor

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When you're ready to remodel your bathroom or have a new home built, you want to ensure you discuss all the possible bathroom features and supplies available with your contractor. Your bathroom can be a relaxing sauna or spa-type of room in your home and not just a functional space for showering. The right supplies, fixtures, and other features can make your bathroom a space you'll truly love spending time in as you get ready for work every morning. Note some of the hottest trends in bathroom supplies and features you can discuss with your contractor.

1. Slide shower

A slide shower is a showerhead that is on a type of tube or fixture that allows the showerhead to be moved up and down rather than just aimed in one direction or another. This can be a great choice for when you have persons in the family at different heights or for when you want the spray of the shower to be centered on your shoulders or back and not the top of your head. This can be very relaxing and soothing for aching muscles. A slide shower can usually be installed in just about any bathroom but may need to be planned around your tile or shower enclosure, so discuss your options with your contractor.

2. Separate towel cabinets

Why store your towels all the way in a linen closet when you can have a separate towel cabinet in your bathroom? Rather than a simple shelf or hook, a towel cabinet can be built into the wall so that it's out of the way and can even hide towels when not in use. Another popular feature is to choose a cabinet for under the sink rather than a vanity so that there is a separate cupboard space for towels in the lower half of the cabinet. This keeps them separated from your makeup, hair accessories, and the like.

3. Motion-activated faucets

You don't need to touch faucets with dirty hands when they're motion activated. Just like you often see in public restrooms, you can have motion sensors installed in your own home's faucets; they come on when you put your hands under the faucet and will shut off when you pull your hands away. Not only are the faucets cleaner, but you know that they'll never be left running after use so no water is wasted in your home.


16 December 2015

Improve your Bathroom

Hello. My name is Tina and this is my home improvement blog. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. My mother used to always say that you could discover a lot about a person by how clean their bathroom was. Because of this advice, I have always been very worried about the state of my bathroom. Last year, I was convinced that the bathroom was too old and grubby so I contacted a team of contractors who came out to work on it. They re-tiled the place and installed a new sink and splashback. I really love me new bathroom and I hope you like my new blog.