Bedroom Blinds | 3 Tricks to Extract Maximum Value from Bedroom Double Blinds

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Blinds work exceptionally well in bedrooms because of their ability to control natural light while providing you the privacy you covet. While there are plenty of styles to choose from, certain versions like double roller blinds work better for bedrooms because of their multi-functional roles. The following strategies are designed to help you extract the maximum value from the double roller blinds in your bedroom.

Choose Blackout and Light Filtering Fabrics for Varying Functionality

Double roller blinds are effectively two fabrics rolled onto a single bracket. Each fabric will have its own practical function. The best part of choosing double roller blinds is the versatility of choice you have to decide between different degrees of functionality. For example, choosing blackout fabric for one of the rollers will give you the complete privacy you desire in the day if you need to sleep. In another situation, light-filtering fabric on the other roller will allow just the right amount of sun to enter the room while keeping the sun's harmful UV rays away from your interior furnishings. This combination gives you the flexibility to choose the type of light you need in your bedroom during the course of the day.

Make a Decision between Automated and Manual Based on Your Convenience

Double roller blinds are available in automated and manual options, allowing you to choose the function you want depending on your convenience. For example, some people prefer an automated function because it means they could lie in bed and control their window blinds. But automated blinds are also more expensive than manual cord-operated blinds. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your double roller blinds, then a manual choice is ideal for you. If you want to reduce the hassle of operating blinds every time, then the automated version is a good choice for you.

Make Sure Your Blinds Offer Thermal Efficiency

Window heat gain in summer can be 100 times more than through an insulated wall, while window heat loss in winters can rise up to 40 percent. To prevent heat gain or loss, you'll want to ensure that the installer lays the double roller blinds against the windows in a manner that leaves no gaps for air to escape or enter. This is a good way to trap air in a room for improving thermal efficiency. Typically, roller blinds give good insulation as they can be shut with minimal gaps, but they must fit snugly against the window. To this end, measurement is key to ensure that the double roller blinds fit perfectly into your window area.

Use these tricks to extract maximum value from your bedroom's double roller blinds.


4 December 2015

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