Commonly Asked Questions About In-Floor Heating

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In-floor heating, commonly called radiant heating, works with a system of tubes that are installed under your floors. Heated water flows through these tubes, and this heat then rises, warming your home's floors and the entire room. This can be a good choice for keeping your feet comfortable when they tend to get cold, and it also means moist heat rather than dry and stale heat that gets pushed through your home's ductwork. Before having this type of system installed in your home, you might ask some questions first. Don't hesitate to bring these up with your contractor so you know what to expect with your in-floor heating system.

1. Is the system damaging to wood floors?

This is a common question as wood can get dry and then get chipped and cracked when exposed to too much heat. However, remember that the radiant heat you get from your in-floor system is from water so it's a moist heat, not a dry heat. It's also not so hot that it would actually damage wood, as it would then be too hot for you to walk over. In most cases, a radiant floor heating system is just fine for wood floors and may even be better for them than the dry heat you get from a furnace.

2. Do you still need a separate air conditioner?

Some radiant floor systems will also circulate cool water through the tubes for use during summer months. However, not all systems work this way, and you don't want to assume that you're getting the same system your neighbor has, if they have a dual system. If you want a system that also circulates cool air, be sure you ask about this before making your choice and be prepared for the added expense as these systems are often more costly.

3. Can the system be zoned?

Because tubes are installed to circulate the warm water and heat the floor, this system can often be zoned, meaning installed in certain areas of the home. This might be a very affordable option for you as it's usually much cheaper to simply have a zoned area installed. It can also be good if you just want a bit of extra heat in certain areas, such as in a back bedroom that never seems to get warm or the bathroom where tiles are always cold. Ask your contractor about this before having your system installed and before you assume you don't have the choice of a zone system only.


25 November 2015

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