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Whether you are a business owner looking to save money, or you are someone who can't afford a computer or don't want to pay for one because you don't use it very often, a computer hire may be an ideal option. But if you have never rented a computer before, you may not know everything that you get when you contract with one of these companies, so to help you out, here are the services that you will receive.

Software Uploading -- When you rent a computer from one of these hire companies, the technicians are able to load any software you need onto the rental computer. If you are renting multiple computers for a business event, the computer hire company can offer you customised configuration of software to ensure that all your employees will have access to the same information. This is beneficial if you are attending a seminar or training event in which everyone must use the same software, but it is also useful if you are renting a computer because your own computer hard drive has failed and you want access to the same programs.

On-Site Tech Experts -- If you are attending a seminar or event, a computer hire company can send expert technicians to your venue who can set up your rental computers, download software and provide any technical support you need before the event, during the event and after the event. Tech experts are also available if you are renting a computer for home use, but you will need to contact them via video conference or on the phone to obtain their assistance.

Server Rentals --  If you own a business and you want to rent a server for a short-term project, a computer hire company can provide that service. Some IT projects require the use of a server with larger and more diverse capabilities than the ones you may own, so renting a specialised server can be efficient and cost-effective. And you can have the computer hire company load the server with popular programs such as Windows and Linux, and you can customise the server to match your hardware specs.

It's important to remember that when you rent a computer, server or any other type of hardware, that your liability begins the moment you take delivery of the item. That means that if you break, damage or somehow cause the rental item to malfunction, you are responsible for making all repairs or replacing that item. To prevent this from happening, many computer hire companies offer damage insurance that will cover the cost of these repairs.


1 October 2015

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