Troubleshooting Tips before Opting For Lawn Mower Repairs

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One of the most underrated outdoor appliances is the lawn mower. This is quite unfortunate considering that it is a workhorse when it comes to keeping your yard neat and aesthetically appealing. Since the lawn mower is typically undergoes heavy usage, it is not surprising to experience some malfunctions with it occasionally. Before opting for lawn mower repairs, there are a few things you could do to troubleshoot where the problem lies. In general, your lawnmower may not start because of three main reasons. These include issues with the fuel supply, sparking malfunctions or battery problems. Here are some common methods you can use to narrow down the problem.

Problems with the fuel supply

If you are using ethanol-based fuel, you should take note that the carburettor can become clogged if the fuel is not emptied after the lawn mower has been used. This will lead to problems with your lawn mower starting. Another fuel problem that could affect this machine is old fuel that was not mixed properly. Siphoning out this fuel and replacing it with new fuel could fix the problem. Another issue with fuel supply could crop up if the fuel lines have some kinks or if they are clogged. Inspect these lines to ensure there are no obstructions impeding the flow of fuel. Lastly, check the fuel filter. A dirty or clogged filter will disrupt the flow of the fuel, hence making it difficult for your lawn mower to start.

Problems with the battery

If troubleshooting the fuel supply does not reap any results, the problem could lie with the battery. In some instances, the cables may come loose when the lawn mower is in use due to the consistent jarring. Check to ensure that they are secure. Another reason you may experience battery problems is if the lawn mower has been in storage for an extended period of time. The battery will lose charge, making it difficult to power the lawn mower. In these instances, you would have to get the battery replaced.

Sparking malfunctions

One of the things to look out for is whether the wire of the spark plug has been attached appropriately to the lawn mower. Alternatively, if the lawn mower is not turning over, then you could be dealing with defective spark plugs rather than wires that have come loose. You should also check if there is any dirt or grime on the spark plug that is impeding proper connection.

If none of these troubleshooting methods work, then it would be recommended to seek lawn mower repair services to establish and remedy the problem.


4 September 2015

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