How To Start A Pizza Container Garden


Do you love pizza? How about making your own pizza with ingredients you've grown and picked fresh? You can grow a pizza container garden on a patio, balcony or windowsill and have fresh ingredients on hand whenever a craving for pizza hits, which has got to be better than the canned sauce and stingy toppings offered at your local takeaway. Imagine making your own sauce with delicious, vine-ripened tomatoes and an assortment of fresh herbs, sweet peppers and even a few chilies if you like:

Get Some Containers Ready

Pay your local plant nursery a visit and get some potting soil suitable for growing vegetables and a few large containers. Vegetables need phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium to grow successfully, so keep this in mind when choosing your potting soil. Some varieties of herbs and tomatoes have a broad, shallow root system, while others have deep roots, so opt for containers that are both deep and wide. Pots that hold at least seven litres of soil are ideal for larger plants such as sweet peppers and tomatoes, but those that hold just a couple of litres are fine for herbs.

Choose Your Seeds Or Plants

Herbs are quick and easy to grow from seeds, but tomatoes and peppers can take longer. Decide if you're happy to buy a few young plants to get you started or if you'd prefer to grow everything from seed. Here are a few varieties to consider:

  • Greek Oregano - A hardy plant with a pungent flavour that's easy to grow and produces white flowers that can also be eaten.
  • Sweet Basil - A prolific grower that continues to produce if you keep removing the top four leaves.
  • Italian Flat-Leaf Parsley - The leaves have a fresh, grassy flavour that will complement other herbs without overpowering them.
  • Roma Tomatoes - With a thicker fruit wall and fewer seeds than many other varieties of tomato, this variety is ideal for making fresh pizza sauce.
  • Red Bull Peppers - A high-yielding variety that's resistant to disease and produces sweet red peppers.
  • Serrano Chillies - These medium-hot chillies are easy to grow and can be stirred into your pizza sauce or sliced and used as a topping.

Stagger Your Planting

Once you've planted your first batch of seeds or young plants, you'll want to ensure you have an ongoing supply of all the goodies required for a delicious pizza by staggering the planting. Don't wait until you have bushels of ripe tomatoes and peppers before starting new plants. Instead, plant new seeds every few weeks to ensure you'll have some ripe and ready to use whenever the mood takes you.

Growing a pizza container garden is fun and takes minimal effort, so give it a try. If you'd like to experiment with growing other vegetables or are unsure of the growing season in your local area, ask your plant nursery for advice. Contact a company like The Greenery Garden Centre to learn more or ask any questions you have.


22 July 2015

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