2 Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Ice Machines


When you decide to go into the retail food industry, whether it's opening a cafe, diner or restaurant, you will need to invest in commercial grade ice machines. With a dizzying number of options available, narrowing them down can be difficult, which is why these two commonly asked questions about commercial ice machines will provide you with answers you need.

What Are the Most Common Ice Machine Styles?

There are three ice machine styles that are most frequently used in the food industry: modular ice machines, countertop ice machines and under-the-counter ice machines.

Modular ice machines are designed to be positioned in narrow spaces, such as on top of a freezer or bin. They are smaller ice machines that are ideal if space is an issue in your kitchen. But just because they're small doesn't mean that they can't produce ice, as they can generate hundreds of kilos of ice per day, depending on your needs.

Countertop ice machines are very small machines that fit on a counter and work nicely in very tight kitchens or back areas. They don't produce as much ice as a modular machine, but if your business is quite small, these are efficient and affordable machines.

The last style of ice machine is the under-the-counter machine, which is an all-inclusive machine that also features a bin and an icemaker. Under the counter ice machines are built to slide underneath counters to open up your space.

What Considerations Are There When Buying Ice Bins?

Ice bins are important because they hold made ice for immediate use. Bin size is more dependent on how much ice you are using during work hours, not on the size of your ice machine. If you are running a large volume food business, you will need an ice bin that matches your output.

Other important considerations are whether you want a bin with a viewing window that lets you see the level of ice without having to open the lid and whether you want a built-in scoop holder so that you don't have to dig into a full ice bin looking for the holder.

Some ice bins are also made with anti-corrosive liners, and some also have adjustable legs so you can change the height of the bin. In addition, the type of ice you are using can affect the bin you purchase. For example, cube ice is large and melts slower than nugget ice, which is smaller. So you'll need a larger-sized bin if you primarily use cube ice than if you use nugget ice or flake ice, which is the smallest of all ice types.

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14 January 2015

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