How To Turn Your Old Aquarium Into A Hydroponic Garden


Do you have an old aquarium lying around that isn't being used, but you haven't gotten around to selling it or throwing it away? You can use that aquarium to create a fun hydroponic garden. Not only will you be growing healthy vegetables to eat, but also, if you have children, this is a great teaching tool. Hydroponic gardening involves using liquid instead of soil for growing plants. Starting a hydroponic garden in an aquarium is relatively easy, and you can get everything you need from a hydroponics store. Read on to learn more.


You only need a few supplies to start your hydroponic garden. You will need to have a bubbler or pump for the aquarium and aquarium rocks, which you can get at any pet store. You will need to get some supplies from a hydroponic store, including a hydroculture pot, hydroponic solution, hydroponic fertiliser and a pH testing kit. Other supplies you will need include vermiculite, which is used to stimulate plant growth and can be found at any garden supply centre. You will also need rock wool and plastic sheeting.


Of course, you are also going to need plants to grow. Until you are used to the process, it is best to start with seedlings rather than from seeds. You will need to do a bit of research to find the best plants for hydroponic gardens. Some good choices include lettuce, various herbs and cucumbers.

Planting Your Garden

You will be planting the vegetables inside the hydroculture pot. Because no soil is used, you will need to place the aquarium rocks, rock wool or vermiculite in the pot to hold the plant roots in place. Or, you can use the sheet plastic. Cut holes into a small piece of the plastic sheeting, place the plant stems in the holes and let the roots hang. The last step of the setup process is to add the aquarium pump or bubbler to provide oxygen to the plants.

Caring For The Plants

The plants will need to be fertilised, with a solution that is used specifically for hydroponic gardening. This fertiliser will give plants all of the nutrients they need to grow. You will also need to test the water regularly with the pH testing kit. Talk to a representative at the hydroponic store to find out about proper pH levels.

Add Fish

Did you know that you can even add fish to your hydroponic garden? While this may seem gross, fish and plants actually coexist quite well. The plants and the bubbler provide the fish with the oxygen they need, and the fish provide the plants with nutrients they need.

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18 December 2014

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