Important Tips When Buying New Motor Homes

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A motor home is a great way to travel, as you have the freedom of hitting the open road while still enjoying a few creature comforts that you wouldn't otherwise enjoy with simple tent camping. Motor home parks often offer their own planned activities as well as a pool and even a playground for the kids. Before you buy a new motor home however, you want to ensure you know as much as possible about the different kinds. Consider a few important tips.

1. Understand the classes

When you shop for motor homes, you'll notice that there are Class A, Class B, and Class C varieties. Class A varieties are the size of a bus, and they are open from the cab to the rear. They are typically the most luxurious, often offering a full bathroom with shower and small tub enclosure as well as a separate kitchen, dining, and living space. There is also a separate bedroom area, sometimes even two bedroom areas depending on the size and layout.

A Class B model is a converted van, and these will vary when it comes to their amenities and features. Some have a flush toilet and shower area, and some do not. Usually they all have a small kitchenette and a dinette table, and this may fold down and come with extra cushions so it can convert into a bed.

The Class C models are something in between the other two classes. They are usually the size of a panel truck, and they, too, will vary according to amenities. They typically have a kitchenette and flush toilet along with a shower enclosure. You can immediately recognize a Class C by the overhang that is set over the cab of the vehicle, and this is typically a bunk bed for additional sleeping.

2. Note your own needs and considerations

There are a few other factors to consider when it comes to purchasing a motor home. For example, the Class A model is very cumbersome to drive around town once you arrive at your destination, and it may not be allowed in certain parking lots. Many travelers use a car hitch behind the motor home to tow their vehicle with them. This makes driving around when you're at an RV park easier, but navigating the motor home with a car behind it becomes more difficult. A smaller Class C or Class B can be a better option if you don't want to haul your car along with your RV.

You also need to consider the length of any Class A motor home you're considering purchasing, as some RV parks have size restrictions. While you may appreciate the space of the longest motor home on the market, this might also limit the parks at which you can stay. Choosing a shorter motor home with slide-outs can give you the sleeping space you need without adding to the length of the coach itself.


15 December 2014

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